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News Archive for Week of December 2, 2019

Why the Democrats Are So Crazy to Impeach


Report Endorses Pelosi's Out-of-Context Trump Misquote


FBI Hunting for Several Saudis Missing after Shooting


Bloomberg Is Exactly Who Progressives Feared He Was


What to Know About the Upcoming FISA Report


Saudi National Opens Fire at US Naval Base, 4 Dead


Naval Base Is Gun-Free Zone - US Sailors Defenseless


Report Ignores Direct Evidence, Claims Hearsay Is OK


6 Saudis Arrested in Shooting, Including 3 Who Filmed It


CNN Ratings Crater for Third Straight Year


Rush: American People Understand This Hateful Charade


The Democrats' Massive Impeachment Fail


College Football: LSU, Ohio State, Clemson Stay Unbeaten


November Hiring Surge - US Economy Adds 266,000 Jobs


Unemployment Near 50-Year Low; Stocks, Wages Up


Cowboys' Owner Jones Cut Off in Testy Radio Interview


SCOTUS Halts Subpoena for Trump Financial Records


American Thinker: The Rapid Decline of Ol' Joe


"Star Trek" Actor Robert Walker Jr. (1940-2019)


Biden Melts Down Over Question About Burisma Scheme


College Football Championship Week: The Key Questions

#12 Oregon Trounces #5 Utah 37-15 to Win PAC-10 Title


Andrew Yang: Impeachment Is Going to Be a Loser


Turley: Impeachment Dems Offer Passion Over Proof


Nolte: Pelosi's Latest Impeachment Rationale Is a Hoax


3 House Dems Signal "NO" Vote on Impeachment - So Far


The False Piety of Pelosi and Democrats on Impeachment


Biden Off by Nearly 40 Years - Mistakes 1976 for 2014


Pelosi: House to Proceed with Articles of Impeachment


Nadler Nods Off During His Own Impeachment Hearing


Leonard Goldberg, Legendary TV Producer (1934-2019)


Impeachment-Obsessed Dems Ignore Logic and Law


Impeachment: Academia Dies on the Hill


Hillary Has Coughing Fit During Howard Stern Interview


Producer "Bo Snerdley" Founds Black Conservative PAC


3 Anti-Trump Profs: "Witnesses" Who Witnessed Nothing


Karlan's Classless Reference to Trump's 13-year-old Son


Turley: It Is Wrong to Impeach Just Because You're Mad


Meanwhile, Senate Confirms 4 More Federal Judges


Trump Approval Soars to 52%


Dishonest Radical Pam Karlan: Latest Act in Dem Circus


Biden Kicks Off "No Malarkey" Tour... with a Lie


Mass Shooter Kills 2, Self at Pearl Harbor Naval Base


NY Post: Impeachment Report Is Schiff's Latest Dud


Survey: Many Employers Won't Hire Trump Supporters


Dems' December Debate Could Be All White People


Hillary Says She's "Deluged" with Requests to Run Again


Kamala Harris Drops out of 2020 Race


Pelosi, 14 Other Dems Jet to Spain for Climate Conference


TV Ratings Collapse After NBA Bows to China


Trillion-Dollar Deficits, and Hardly Anyone Seems to Care


Google and YouTube Take Down Over 300 Trump Ads


Iran Admits It Massacred Hundreds of Unarmed Protesters


Forget "Michelle for President"


Shoppers Spend a Record $9.4 Billion on Cyber Monday


Impeachment Report Adopted in Straight Party-Line Vote


Conway: "Quid Pro Quo" Not Required for Impeachment


Report Cites No "Bribery" or "High Crimes" - Only Tweets


300-Page Report Omits "No Quid Pro Quo" Statements


Stocks Plunge as Trump Hints at China Trade Deal Delay


In Spanish, Buttigieg Pledges Gov't Healthcare for Illegals


Jimmy Carter in Hospital Again but Already Feeling Better


Dems Tout Schiff as Future US President or Senator


RNC Fundraising Skyrockets, Thanks to Impeachment


It's Official - Liberals Hate Michael Bloomberg


Latest Newsroom Fad: Describing Trump as "Cult Leader"


Poll: Most Republicans Think Trump's Better than Lincoln


Barr Blasts IG Finding that Surveillance of Trump Justified


Ukraine President Repeats: No Quid Pro Quo for US Aid


WH: Trump Will Not Participate in Impeachment Hearing


"Witnesses" Will Include 3 Anti-Trump Law Professors


House Dems Release Trump-Bashing Impeachment Report


UN: Record-High Child Detentions Occurred Under Obama


3 Polls: Black Voter Support for Trump has Quadrupled


Report: US Is Net Exporter of Oil for First Time in 70 Years


Polls: Biden Maintains Solid Lead for 2020 Nomination


Bloomberg: We Should Tax Poor So They'll Live Longer


Trump Campaign Bans Bloomberg News from Events


Powerful Winter Storm Descends on Northeast US


Pat Sullivan, Auburn QB and Heisman Winner (1950-2019)


LSU Narrowly Back on Top in College Football Rankings

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