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News Archive for Week of December 16, 2019

Study: Immigration to Move 26 House Seats to Blue States


ISIS in Iraq: Militants "Getting Stronger Again"


Pelosi, Not Trump, Is Provoking a Constitutional Crisis


The Wheels Are Falling Off Elizabeth Warren's Campaign


Only 98 Turn Out for Biden Town Hall in Iowa


6 Reasons Pelosi's Senate Obstruction Is a Disaster


Did Impeachment Even Happen?


US on High Alert for North Korea "Christmas Gift" Missile


Star Wars "Rise of Skywalker" Tops Weekend Box Office


Junior Johnson, NASCAR Legend (1931-2019)


Saudi Arabia: 5 Sentenced to Death for Khashoggi Killing


13 Shot at House Party on Chicago's South Side


Judicial Watch Sues Schiff for Phone Snooping Records


Trump Heralds Largest Military Pay Increase in 10+ Years


Congress Leaves for Vacation after Impeachment Charade


Trump Approves New Military Branch - US Space Force


Trump is Remaking the Federal Judiciary


Poll: Trump Approval +3 during Impeachment Week


CA Gov Blames Trump, GOP for State's Homeless Problem


Dershowitz: Pelosi Delaying Senate Trial Unconstitutional


Jewish Festival of Hanukkah Begins Sunday Evening


Criminal Probe Zeroes in on Obama CIA Director Brennan


6th Debate: Only 6 Million Viewers, Smallest Audience Yet


Variety: New "Cats" Movie Is a Cat-astrophe


NFL Week 16 Features 2 NFC Divisional Showdown Games


CNN, MSNBC Ratings Tank, Fox Ratings Soar


Senate Approves 13 Judges during Impeachment Week


9 of 10 VA Counties Are Now 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries


Pelosi Dresses Like Morticia Addams for "Somber" Vote


Buttigieg Supports Providing Reparations to Illegals


CNBC: Trump Economic Approval Hits One-Year High


Dem Debate: A Lot of Winners and One Clear Cut Loser


UK Parliament Approves Brexit


Claudine Auger, "Thunderball" Bond Girl (1941-2019)


Hold Impeachment Articles Forever, Pelosi - Who Cares?


Pelosi Delays Sending Impeachment Articles to Senate


Gleeful Dems Celebrate "Sad and Somber" Impeachment


Biden Does Bizarre Imitation of Stuttering Child


Incoherent Pelosi Refuses to Answer Questions


Can Senate Acquit Even If House Withholds Articles?


Food Fight! Nancy Pelosi's "Animal House" Impeachment


Poll: "Merry Christmas" Preferred Over "Happy Holidays"


Democrats Are Sleepwalking into a Biden Disaster


Overshadowed by Impeachment, Debaters Pull Punches


Rush: The Drive-Bys Know They've Failed


CNN Columnist to Democrats: Warning Lights Flashing


The Democrats' One-Night Stand with the Founders


Health Hazard: San Francisco Awash in Human Waste


Webb: Instead of Governing, Dems Gave Us Impeachment


Thomas Lifson: The Democrats Are Imploding


Dems Are Abuzz Over Impeachment, Public Doesn't Care


5th Circuit Strikes Down Obamacare Individual Mandate


Only 2 Democrats Vote Against, Tulsi Votes Present


CNN Poll: Support for Impeachment Drops Sharply


House Democrats Impeach President Trump


House Passes $1.4 Trillion Federal Spending Bill


What to Expect at the 6th Democratic Debate


Hallmark Caves to LGBTQ, Airs Same-Sex Wedding Ad


Defiant Trump Holds "Merry Christmas" Rally in Michigan


Pelosi Threatens to Withhold Articles, Delay Senate Trial


Media Ignore Failed Climate Change Predictions of Past


Manafort's NY Fraud Case Tossed - Trump Pardon Next?


Trump Raises $10M in 1 Week Amid Impeachment Probe


Some Dems Urge Withholding Articles, Delaying Trial


Senate to Confirm 13 More Judicial Nominees by Year-End


Mormons Pulling 400,000 Youths out of Boy Scouts


McConnell Considering Motion to Dismiss


McConnell Rejects Dems' Impeachment Witness Demands


Democrats Are Making a Farce of Impeachment


What If Dems Vote to Impeach But Don't Send It to Senate?


How Each Red District Dem Is Planning to Vote


Impeachment Day: Vote Expected by Early Evening


Trump Now Leads All Likely Rivals in National Polls


Tulsi Undecided, May Introduce Censure Resolution


Dow Jones Gains Its 10,000th Point Under Trump


Saints' Drew Brees Sets All-Time Career TD Record


Illegals Commit Alarmingly High Percentage of US Murders


Alternate Realities and Impeachment


Brees Also Sets New Single-Game Completion % Record


130+ Abortion Clinics Have Closed in the Last 5 Years


NJ is 14th State to Allow Driver's Licenses for Illegals


Giuliani Reveals New Evidence that Could Destroy Biden


Homebuilder Confidence Jumps to 20-Year High


Dershowitz: 2nd Article of Impeachment Is Now Destroyed


Report: Dems Have the Votes to Impeach President Trump


5.9 Million Individuals Off Food Stamps Under Trump

Impeachment: The Most Irrelevant "Historic Event" Ever


Hillary Botoxes Up for Possible 2020 Presidential Run


NY Fed Survey: Big Jump in Manufacturing Optimism

Dem KY Governor Restores 140,000 Felons' Voting Rights


Proof that Biden's Dem Challengers Don't Want to Win


S&P 500, Nasdaq Hit All-Time Highs at Opening Bell


European Stocks Surge on Johnson Win, US Trade Deal


IG Report Exposes Media's Massive Dishonesty


Dem Van Drew Changing Parties Over Impeachment Fraud


Kudlow: 2020 Will Be a Very, Very Strong Economic Year


"Jumanji: The Next Level" Tops Weekend Box Office


NY Is 13th State to Allow Driver's Licenses for Illegals


Anti-Trump Turn Costs Drudge Report 28% of Its Traffic


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