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News Archive for Week of December 14, 2020

CFP Is Set: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Notre Dame


Trump Announces "Wild" January 6 Protest in Washington DC


Poll: GOP Candidates Lead Dem Candidates in GA Runoff


Catholic Bishops Weigh In on Vaccine-Abortion Connection


Hunter: Dems' Choice - Open Borders or Ending Pandemic?


Archibald: Executive Order 13848 and the Stolen Election


Dominion Audit Report: MI Officials Redact Vote-Flip Evidence


Wedge: 2020 Election Integrity - A Snapshot on Where We Are


MI Recount Confirms Trump Won County that Went to Biden


SCOTUS OKs Removing Illegals from 2020 Census Count


Noel: State Legislatures Can Still Rescue Election (Or Not)


Congress Nears Deal on $900 Billion COVID Relief Package


Zeiser: Either the US Leads on Crypto, or China Will


U. Michigan Task Force: Words Like "Picnic" Are Offensive


FDA Approves Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine


Something Brewing? Trump Meets at WH with Powell, Flynn


De Blasio Admits His "Mission Is to Redistribute Wealth"


Black Leaders Praise Trump's Economy: Better than Obama's


Russia's Alleged Hack of US Gov't: What You Need to Know


Which College Football Team Will Get the Final CFP Spot?


Smith: "Dr." Jill Biden's Garbage Dissertation, Explained


Georgia Poll Workers Who Raised Concerns Are Terminated


Trump's 1776 Commission Will Promote "Patriotic Education"


Poll: Nearly 70% in US Say 2020 Is Leaving Them Despondent


Knight: Must We Respect a Fraudulent President?


Trump Signs Bill to Fund Government Past Midnight Deadline


Recap of 3 Bombshell News Stories the Media Have Buried


Widburg: Navarro's Election Fraud Report Is a Must-Read


Trump Adviser: Expect a Lot More Legal Action in PA


Glick: Trump's Legacy of Peace


CDC: Drug Overdose Deaths Reach New 12-Month Record


House Republicans Call for January 6 Election Fraud Hearings

Sen. Tuberville May Seek to Block Electoral Vote Certification

Explainer: Dueling Electors, Congress, and January 6


Showalter: Hunter Biden's New Potential Scam - Art


Dr. Joondeph: The AMA Lied - How Many Died?


Bedford: The Leftist Elite's Weaponization of COVID


Jeremy Bulloch - "Star Wars" Boba Fett Actor (1945-2020)


Ageless Jaromir Jagr Returns for 33rd Pro Hockey Season


Lin Wood Unloads on John Roberts, Cites Epstein Flight Logs


Report: Hackers Breached US Nuclear Security System


Report: Powell's Michigan Case Is on Supreme Court Docket


Flynn: Trump Could Use Military, Rerun Swing State Elections


Poll: More Voters Believe Fraud Occurred in 2020 Election


Trump Calls on Sen. Paul to Challenge Electoral Votes on 1/6


CA Judge Says Strip Club Ruling Also Protects Restaurants


GA Announces Statewide Absentee Ballot Signature Audit


Walmart Triples India Imports as Companies Pivot from China


Gensert: Both the Left and the Right Have a Biden Problem


Herz: Mitch McConnell - A Crafty Old Turtle?


Horrock: Yes, SCOTUS, ​It Was Personal


Berry: SCOTUS Was Right - Texas Didn't have Standing


Intel Report on Foreign Election Interference Is Delayed


Tulsi Gabbard Bill: Protect Pain-Capable Preborn Children


Feds Cancel Funding to California Over Abortion Mandate


Professor: Here Is Another Card Trump Could Play to Win


Lin Wood: John Roberts' Name Is on Epstein Flight Logs


Jobless Claims Jump Higher Again


McConnell Congratulates Biden on Electoral College Vote

Arvay: Is the Whole Gov't in on This Fraudulent Election?


Nor'easter Slams East Coast with 2 Feet of Snow


Bitcoin Smashes Through $20,000 to All-Time High


Dr. Fauci Tells Americans Not to See Their Kids for Christmas


Cannon: The Toxic Elitism of America's Journalistic Class


Polls: US Economic Confidence Nosedives After Election Day


Fed Pledges to Hold Interest Rates Near Zero


Retail Sales Slump Due to COVID, Lockdowns


Poll: Trump, Michelle Obama Are Early 2024 Frontrunners


Ann Reinking - Tony-Winning Star of "Chicago" - (1949-2020)


VIDEO: The Constitutional Roadmap to Stop Joe Biden


Senate Committee to Hold Hearing on Election Irregularities


McCarthy: Now We Know Judges and Justices Are Cowards


White House Refuses to Recognize Biden as President-Elect


Landsbaum: Trump's End Game


Biden Holds a Near-Empty Rally for Ossoff and Warnock


Conrad Black: The Perilous State of America's Republic


Rasmussen: 36% Believe Trump Win Likely Through Courts


House Republicans: Remove Swallwell from Intel Committee


Rush: The Supreme Court's TX Decision Is Easy to Explain


Rush: Biden Will Serve Until Obama Tells Dems to Oust Him


Supreme Court Strikes Down CO's Restrictions on Churches


GOP Electors Vote for Trump in Contested States


Truax: 10-Point Plan to Fix America's Shameful Voting System


Hollywood Box Office Revenue Crashes to 40-Year Low


Gambescia: Social Tyranny Threatens Thoughtful Americans


Attorney General William Barr to Depart December 23


MI Voting Systems Audit: Machines Were Designed for Fraud


Pollak: Biden's Divisive Speech Alienates Trump's America


Biden Officially Wins Key Battleground States as Electors Meet


Joondeph: Republicans Are Pushing Themselves Off the Cliff


Maskless Biden Coughs Up a Storm During Speech


Could Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Be the Next Reagan?


Morefield: Is a National Split Inevitable?


Trump Adviser: We Have Until January 20 to Contest Election


Surber: Hunter Biden Cover-Up Was the Lie of the Year


49% of Minority-Owned Businesses Can't Pay December Rent


NY Governor Cuomo Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct


John le Carré - Spy Thriller Author (1931-2020)


Medvin: How Congress Can Prevent Future Election Fraud


Miele: Donald the Dragon Slayer


Sources: Cleveland to Drop "Indians" Nickname


Will Trump Invoke 2018 Executive Order on Elections?


MI Governor Blocks GOP Electors from Entering State Capitol


"Highly Impactful" Winter Storm Set to Slam Northeast


US Treasury Reportedly Breached by Foreign Hackers


Leaked: CCP Members in Western Companies, Governments


Cyrk: When Will the Fat Lady Sing?


Gunman Opens Fire at NYC Cathedral, Shot Dead by Police


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