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News Archive for Week of August 10, 2020

Trump Vows to Fund USPS If Dems Stop Holding Up Stimulus


Fauci: There's No Reason People Can't Vote Safely in Person


Trump to "Look at" Snowden Case for Potential Pardon


Hinderaker: Kamala Harris - America's Least Sincere Person


Biden Swing State Ad Calls for Nationwide Mask Mandate


Poll: Raging Violence Will Affect Vote in November


Trump Donates $100K of Salary to Fix Damaged Monuments


Flam: COVID Spread Due to More than "Who's Being Bad"


Michelle Obama Shows Off Her Latest Pair of $500 Sneakers


Robert Trump, President's Younger Brother (1948-2020)


James "Big Jim" Thompson, Former IL Governor (1936-2020)


CA Court Upholds Church's Right to Hold Indoor Worship


Clearwater, FL's 1,000+ Boat Parade for Trump Is Largest Yet


Why Did Kamala Harris Not Prosecute Abusive Priests?


Disney Channel Unveils Its First Bisexual Lead Character


MI Rejects 846 Mail-In Ballots "Because the Voter Was Dead"


Linda Manz, "Days of Heaven" Star (1961-2000)


NYC Reinstates 9/11 Light Tribute After Widespread Outrage


Still Going: DC Special Ops Arrests 41 Rioters in One Night


Trump Mocks "Zero Drive" Reporters Covering Joe Biden


Biden Tries to Take Credit for Trump's Israel-UAE Peace Deal


Ex-FBI Attorney Who Falsified FISA Warrant to Plead Guilty


Appeals Court Nixes Hillary Clinton Deposition on E-mails


Mill: A Kamala-Led Coup Would Succeed Against Joe Biden


Carafano: Israel-UAE Peace Shows Trump Policy Succeeding


Pinsky: We Flattened the Curve - Our Kids Belong in School


USPS Cannot Guarantee Mail-In Ballots Will Arrive in Time


Poll: 1 in 3 Blacks LESS Likely to Vote Dem with Harris as VP


CA Ban on High-Capacity Magazines Ruled Unconstitutional


Chicago's $66M Hospital Treated Only 38 COVID-19 Patients


NYPD Union Endorses Trump for President


Woke HBO Adds 3+ MInute Disclaimer to "Blazing Saddles"


President's Brother Robert Hospitalized in Serious Condition


Obama Speechwriter: "Harris a 'Moderate'? That's Hilarious!"


Trump Administration Paves Way for Alaska Drilling Project


CDC: 1 in 4 Young Adults Considered Suicide in Lockdown


Showtime: AMC to Reopen 300 Movie Theaters Nationwide


Dems Give AOC a 60-Second DNC Convention Speaking Slot


More US Churches Sue to Challenge COVID-19 Restrictions


US Seizes Iranian Gas from 4 Tankers Headed to Venezuela


US Seizes Millions in Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas Cryptocurrency


NY City Cancels 9/11 Light Tribute, Blames Coronavirus


OR Police Exit Portland, Citing City's "No Prosecution" Policy


Biden, Harris Call for 3-Month Nationwide Mask Mandate


Crouse: Kamala Has Already Struck Out


FEC: Harris Owes $1M from Failed Presidential Bid


DOJ: Yale Admissions Discriminated Against Whites, Asians


Harris Gets Mixed Reactions from the Left and the Right


Harris Failed to Prosecute Any Priest Sex Abuse Cases


Trump: Peace Deal Between Israel and United Arab Emirates


AOC Convention Snub Highlights Rift Among Democrats


Study: NY Ranked Worst State in US for Economic Outlook


Hope for Atlanta Police Officer After DA Loses Re-Election


Chicago Mobs Terrorize Sick Kids at Ronald McDonald House


Weekly Jobless Claims Under 1M - First Time Since March


COVID-19 Death Rates Reveal Most Failed States: NY and NJ


Vespa: Reminder - Harris' 2020 Campaign Was a Train Wreck


Hinderaker: The Truth About Biden Is Getting Out


Sobieski: The Real Kamala Harris


New York's True Nursing Home Death Toll Cloaked in Secrecy


FLASHBACK: Kamala Harris - "I Believe Biden's Accuser"


Biden, Harris Take No Press Questions in First Appearance


Shurk: Biden-Harris Ticket Is a Real Stunner


Harris Opens Her VP Run by Praising Rioters and Looters


401(k) Balances Increased 14% in Second Quarter


A Dr. Pepper Shortage Is Brewing During COVID-19 Pandemic


Ultra-Liberal Harris Backed Green New Deal, Medicare for All


Harris Ignores Biden Race Record She Blasted in Debate


DC Mayor Orders Removal of "Defund Police" Street Mural


Raymond Allen, "Sanford and Son" Actor (1929-2020)


USAF Helicopter Shot at in VA, Makes Emergency Landing


Kamala Harris - The Cancel Culture Cop


Winning: S&P 500 Rallies to a New All-Time High


Pro-Lifers Rip Biden for Picking "Abortion Extremist" Harris


Ben Shapiro: Joe Biden's Awful Vice Presidential Pick


First Seeds, Now Masks Arriving in US Mailboxes from China


Nearly 20% of NYC Hotels House 13K Homeless at $2M/Night


Report: Harris Wasn't Biden's First Choice


Biden Selects Kamala Harris as His Running Mate


Goodwin: Kamala Harris an Underwhelming VP Pick


Did Anti-Biden Camp Sabotage Him by Pushing Harris as VP?


Dems Leave for August Recess with No COVID Package


Is Kamala Harris a "Natural Born Citizen" Eligible to Be VP?


Biden Reads from Script While Talking to Harris on Zoom


Sumner Redstone, Towering Media Mogul (1923-2020)


Kamala's Final Poll Number in Home State of California: 7%


Mnuchin: $400 Weekly Jobless Benefit to Start "In 1-2 Weeks"


Trump Appoints Esteemed Anti-Fauci Doctor to COVID Team


Trump on Harris Pick: She Was My Number One Choice


NHL Sees Longest OT Playoff Game of the 21st Century


Chicago BLM Organizer Defends Looting as "Reparations"


COVID: Trini Lopez, "If I Had a Hammer" Singer (1937-2020)


Goad: George Floyd - The Big Lie


WND: How the Democrats Plan to Steal the 2020 Election


Rush: They Can't Hide Biden Forever


Seattle Council Votes to Defund Police - Police Chief Resigns


Why Are Media Silent Over 2020's Largest Mass Shooting?


House Will Be Mostly Absent Until Mid-November


Poll: Half of All Dems Don't Think Biden Would Serve 4 Years


RNC Files Urgent Request with SCOTUS Over Mail-In Ballots


VDH: Who or What Exactly Is Running Against Trump?


VIDEOS: Massive Widespread Looting in Chicago


Trump Evacuated from Briefing After Shooting Outside WH


Worstall: Why Trump's Payroll Tax Cut Will Work


Trump Holds 36% Approval Among Black Likely Voters


Ford: Executive Orders - President Trump Springs His Trap


Paper: Chicago Prosecutor Has Dropped 25,183 Felony Cases


Widburg: To Mask or Not to Mask?


Schlichter: The Tide Turns Toward Trump


Joondeph: Joe Biden - The Cardboard Cutout Candidate

Sioux Nation Plans to Block Bikers Headed to Sturgis Rally


North Carolina Earthquake Is Most Powerful in 100 Years


Trump Economic Advisor: V-Shaped Recovery "On Course"


Dow Reaches New High Since Start of COVID-19 Shutdown


Trump Signs Executive Order Extending COVID Relief


New US COVID-19 Cases Hit Lowest Level in Over a Month


"Occupy" Instigators Now Calling for "Siege" of White House




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