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News Archive for Week of August 31, 2020

DOJ's Operation Legend Reduces Chicago Homicides by 50%


Schlichter: Nobody Is Switching from Trump to Biden


Margolis: How We Know Atlantic Hit Piece on Trump Is Fiction


Massive Trump Boat Parades Take Place in Several States


America's Largest Police Union Endorses President Trump


Report: DOJ to File Antitrust Suit vs. Google Within Weeks


BLM Protesters Riot in Rochester, Harass Restaurant Patrons


NYC: Car Plows Through BLM Protesters in Times Square


Columnist: Dems Do Not Intend to Accept Second Trump Term


Primetime Ratings Crash for MLB


Presser: Court Rulings Against Flynn Disturbingly Political


McCorter: The Racist Left Feels Entitled to Riot


Authentic Scores Upset Win in Unusual Kentucky Derby

Portland Is Reportedly Funding Antifa Rioters' Secret Tent City


Gates-Funded Vaccine Is Causing Polio Outbreak in Africa


Gensert: The Democrats' Plan to Steal the Presidency


Former Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz to Get Medal of Freedom


Rasmussen: Trump Approval at 52%


Black Voter Approval of Trump Hits Astonishing 45%


Busted - Biden Town Hall Attendees Were Given Scripts


Trump Slams Reporters for Treating Biden Like a Child


1.4M New Jobs Added in August, Unemployment Falls to 8.4%


Young: Is Biden's Bubble Strategy About to Burst?


Trump to End Race-Based "Privilege" Training for Fed Gov't


David Limbaugh: Are Blacks Truly Warming Up to Trump?


Biden Claims Black Man, Not Edison, Invented the Light Bulb


Widburg: US Tech Tyrants Will Do Anything to Elect Biden


Shurk: Democrat Mail Fraud Will Take Us to the Brink


NYC Restaurants File $2B Lawsuit Against Cuomo, de Blasio


Davidson: 50+ Questions No Reporter Dares Ask Biden


Alleged Portland Antifa Murderer Shot Dead in WA


Protesters in Hair Curlers Gather Outside Pelosi's House


Jacobson Warns: Dems Say They Won't Accept a Trump Win


Trump Cancels $62M in US Funding for WHO


Biden's Kenosha Visit Is a Fiasco

Kenosha: Biden Meets with Blake's Racist, Antisemitic Father


Tech Correction Continues, but Dow Pares Losses


Vespa: The Rioting Is Starting to Impact the House Races


Rand Paul: Impeach Cuomo for His Handling of COVID-19


Pelosi's Lame Salon-Gate Excuse: I Wuz Framed


Rush: The NFL Kneels to Marxists


Women Hang Blow Dryers on Trees Outside Pelosi's Home


Less Traffic = Fewer Accidents = Lower Auto Insurance Rates


"Woke" NBA's Ratings Crater: Network TV Down 45%


COVID Death Toll from 400,000-Biker Sturgis Rally: 1 (One)


Bee Venom Chemical Destroys Breast Cancer Cells in Minutes


Poll: Military Service Members Prefer Biden to Trump


Presidential Debate Monitors Announced - Trump-Haters All


Robertson: The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Ending


Shapiro: Biden Won't Condemn BLM or Antifa - Here's Why


Trump Coins New Nickame for Dem Rival: "Joe Hiden"


Tom Seaver, "Miracle Mets" Pitching Legend (1944-2020)


Revealed: MPLS Police Manual Teaches "Knee on Neck" Move


Widburg: Dems Laying Groundwork for a Contested Election?


Dr. Joondeph: The Big COVID Con Exposed


Trump Moves to Defund NYC and Other "Anarchist" Cities


Cuomo Threatens Trump's Safety If He Tries to Visit NYC


Goya CEO: Dems' Hatred/Destruction Moves Latinos to Trump


Hall: New York Had It Coming


Biden: On Second Thought, Let's Go to Kenosha


Stocks Hit New Highs Amid Good News on COVID Treatment


Aggregate Election Betting Odds Now Favor Trump


Kruiser: Media Won't Be Able to Prop Up Train-Wreck Biden


Why Have Media Stopped Updating Their Presidential Polls?


US: Only Developed Country Keeping Kids Home from School


Newt Gingrich: Dems Prove They Are "Lion King" Party Now


Edgy French Magazine Republishes Mohammed Cartoons


Rush: Trump's Saving Us from a Race War Fomented by Dems


Scarry: Biden's Anti-Riots Statement - Too Little, Way Too Late


Pelosi Violates CA Lockdown to Get Hair Blowout in Salon


DOJ Officially Investigating Who Is Behind Coordinated Riots


BLM Vandals Strike Elvis Presley's Graceland


Biden Campaign Reportedly Hauls in Record $300M in August


Protester Arrested in DC Was Also at Portland, Kenosha Riots


President Trump Visits Kenosha (and Why Joe Biden Didn't)


VIDEO MONTAGE: Dems Calling for Uprisings and Violence


Done Dynasty: Kennedy Loses Massachusetts Primary


August Shatters Another Gun Sales Record


Prager: Lockdown Has Gone from a Mistake to a Crime


McCullough: Joe Biden's Voters Are His Biggest Problem


Philly Mayor Who Banned Indoor Dining Caught Dining in MD


Peek: Biden's Campaign Is an Insult to the American People


John Thompson, Legendary Georgetown Coach (1941-2020)


President Trump Challenges Biden to Condemn Antifa


Biden Blames Trump for Nationwide Riots and Violence


Appeals Court Denies Flynn Request to Force Case Dismissal


Portland Shooting Suspect "100% Antifa" - Released in July


Portland Rioters Break In, Set Fire to Mayor's Condo Building


Joe Biden's "Campaign Speech": No Audience, Misreads Lines


American Leftist Mob Chants "Death to America!" in Oakland


Biden Walks Out After Speech without Taking Questions


NFL Will Inscribe Social Justice Slogans on Every Field


CDC Shocker: Only 9,210 US Deaths From COVID-19 Alone


Pullmann: Biden - Vote Democrat or the Riots Will Continue


Victor Davis Hanson: Cultural Suicide Is Painless


Lucas: I Think I'm a Coward


Hellner: Media Are Concealing Truth About the End of COVID


Gage: Democratic Death Rattle


Kaminsky: A Party Divided Against Itself


Poll: Trump Leads Biden Nationally and in Battleground


Did 4Chan Users Identify Rioter Who Killed Trump Supporter?


Trump's Convention Had 25 Million More Viewers than Biden's


"Black Voices for Trump" Volunteers Help Clean Up Kenosha


McCarthy: Let Them Boycott!


Schlichter: Women Must Always Pick Up the Check for Dems


Democrats Warn Trump Not to Visit Kenosha


CA Setting Up Task Force to Examine Slavery Reparations


US Daily Coronavirus Deaths Fall to Lowest Level in 2 Months


MSNBC's Cross: RNC's Black Speakers Were "Minstrel Show"


Report: FDA Commissioner May Fast-Track COVID Vaccine





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