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News Archive for Week of August 24, 2020

New Video Casts Doubt on Kenosha Shooter's Murder Charge


Trump Supporter Shot Dead in Portland and Crowd Cheers


President to Travel to Kenosha, WI on Tuesday


Federal Judge OKs Sarah Palin's Lawsuit vs. NY Times


Gingrich: Past 2 Weeks Sealed the Deal for GOP in November


Taft: Just Like That, Biden and Dems Stopped Liking Riots


Trump Threatens to Invoke Insurrecton Act to Put Down Riots


Oops: Most Positive COVID Tests Should Have Been Negative


Dem Operative: I Was a Master at Fixing Mail-In Ballots


Will "Bullet Plane" Make Private Air Travel Affordable for All?


Biden Blames Portland Murder of Trump Supporter on... Trump


College Conservatives Raise Money for Kenosha Shooter


Trump Raises $76 Million During Convention, Topping Dems


Clifford Robinson, Former NBA All-Star (1966-2020)


Margolis: Sorry Libs - RNC Had (Way) More Viewers than DNC


Klavan: Black Assimilation Is the Great Threat to Democrats


Pro-Trump Caravan, Counter-Protesters Clash in Portland


Poll Taken During RNC: Black Support for Trump Surges


President Trump Visits Areas Hardest Hit by Hurricane Laura


Media Attack Trump Family Over Grandson's Lego Sculpture


Malanga: Athletes Boycotting Themselves Out of Business?


Washington Examiner: Biden's Unserious Pandemic Response


Utter: Empty Virtue Signaling Destroys Sports, Entertainment


After RNC,​ Smart Money Is Swinging Toward Trump


NBA to Convert All Arenas into 2020 Voting Locations


"Yellowstone" Finale Shatters Cable TV Viewing Records


Biden Ad Blames Trump for MI Gov's Cancellation of Football


Not One Dem Condemns Assaults on Paul, RNC Attendees


Chadwick Boseman, "Black Panther" Star (1976-2020)


Portland Goes Silent After Reports FBI Is Pursuing Antifa


Surber: Riots Join Impeachment, Mueller as Acme Failures


Fox News Drew Massive Audience for Trump's RNC Speech


Trump Trolls Dems with Joke Stair Stumble Before NH Rally


Dow Closes at 28,653.87, Completely Erasing All 2020 Losses


US Consumer Spending in July Stronger than Expected


Anton: A Tyranny Perpetual and Universal?


College Towns Alarmed Over Student COVID Outbreaks


Massive Lack of Social Distancing at Leftist March in DC


Pelosi: Biden Should Not Debate - It Would Legitimize Trump


Pavlich: Trump's Speech Delivers Knockout Punch to Biden


Domenech: Democrats Failed the Convention Optics Test


Violent BLM Mob Assaults Sen. Rand Paul as He Leaves RNC


Video Triggers Questions About Teen Shooter in Kenosha


Trump Speech Delivers Comprehensive Case for Reelection


Dems Panic as Voters Turn Away from Endless Leftist Riots


Shapiro: Riots Are Designed to Attain Power, Not Fix Racism


RNC: David Dorn's Tearful Widow Eviscerates BLM Narrative


5 Things to Know About Night 4 of the RNC


Hurricane Laura: Less Damage than Forecast


John Lennon's Killer Denied Parole for 11th Time


Harris Delivers Cringeworthy Speech for Biden, Then Flees


David Limbaugh: Too Late for Dems to Backpedal on Riots


NBA Playoff Ratings Down 20% from Last Season


Support for Black Lives Matter Plummets in Wisconsin


Lang: The Collapse of the Democrat Brand


Rasmussen: Presidential Race Now a Dead Heat


Biden's Lack of a Travel Plan Worries Some Democrats


Trump: Candidates Should Take Drug Tests Before Debates


Hurricane Laura Weakens Rapidly as Flood Risk Grows


Hinderaker: The Path Is Open to a GOP Sweep


Schlichter: 5 Reasons Trump Is Going to Crush Biden


Baker: What Really Happened with Those Kenosha Shootings


Arvay: Trump Knows the Deadliest Threat to His Re-Election


Jacob Blake's Mom Expresses "Disgust" with Kenosha Rioters


Did George Floyd Die of a Massive Fentanyl Overdose?


Trump's GOP Is Scoring on Issues Dems Wouldn't Mention


RNC Continues Momentum with "Night of Heroes"


Pence Warns Biden's Election Would Mean America's End

Trump Says He Will Send Fed Law Enforcement to Kenosha


Zogby Poll: Trump Approval at Record 52%


5 Things to Know About Night 3 of the RNC


BLM Activists Now Accosting White People in Restaurants


NBA Teams Boycott Playoff Games to Protest Police Shooting


Hurricane Laura Makes Landfall on NW Gulf Coast as a CAT-4


Republicans Revel in Trump's Prime-Time RNC Surprises


Spencer: RNC Proves Party of Bush/McCain/Romney Is Dead


Gerow: In a Tightening Race, Trends Run in Trump's Favor


Lively: 7 Reasons Trump Will Win in a Mega-Landslide


Lennox: Joe Biden Has a Glaring Anti-Semitism Problem


Victor Davis Hanson: California Apocalypto


Only 0.02% of Sturgis Rally Bikers Test Positive for COVID


Dem Celebs Bash Melania's Speech with Xenophobic Tweets


Nearly 5 Million Americans Have Become Gun Owners in 2020


Goodwin: Skillful RNC Is the Greatest Reality Show on Earth


Hurricane Laura Prompts Evacuations Along Gulf Coast


Bossie: RNC Showcases Unifying, Uplifting Message


5 Things to Know About Night 2 of the RNC


New York AG Takes Legal Action Against Trump Organization


Another NIght of Mayhem Engulfs Kenosha


Xinjiang Residents Handcuffed to Homes in COVID Lockdown


Lowry: Democrats Are Pretending the Cities Aren't Burning


RNC's Night 1 C-SPAN Viewership Was 6 Times that of DNC


Hungry New Yorkers Form Quarter-Mile Line for Free Food


Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr.: "I Have Not Resigned"


Schlichter: Now the Democrats Are Stuck with Biden


America's Leading White Supremacist Plans to Vote Democrat


VIDEO: Former DNC Chair Brazile Loses It on Fox & Friends


BLM Rioters Torch Trucks as Nat'l Guard Arrives in Kenosha


Amazon Livestreamed 4 Nights of DNC, Ignored RNC Night 1


Wid​burg: RNC Night 1 Was Polished and Uplifting Home Run


DNC Disaster? 1,000+ Delegates Vote "NO" on Dem Platform


3 Democrat-Run States = One Third of All US COVID Deaths


Goodwin: GOP Makes Compelling Pitch to Black Voters


Black Students at NYU Demand Racially Segregated Housing


Media Seethe as First Lady Unveils Restored WH Rose Garden


14 Killed, 75 Wounded in South Philippines Bomb Attacks


Podhoretz: Night 1 Was Very Effective, to Media's Dismay


Drastic Surge in Violent Crime Hits NYC's Blacks Hardest


Massie: That Was Actually Biden's FAREWELL Speech


Report: North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un in a Coma


Everything You Need to See from Night 1 of the RNC


FDA OKs Emergency Use of Promising COVID Treatment


S&P 500, Nasdaq Set Record Highs, Dow Closes Above 28,000


Post-DNC Poll: Trump Lead Among Independents Is Now 10%


Rasmussen: Trump Approval Remains Steady at 51%


China Food Shortages Worry Communist Overlords


Poll: 3 in 4 Republicans Say US Is Better Off Now than in 2016


New Daily US Coronavirus Cases Lowest in Over 2 Months


Smith: The Secret to Stealing an Election


RNC Game Plan: Patriotic Progam and Biden Counterattacks


NYC's BLM Street Mural Vandalized Again by Same Woman


Armed Rioters Confront Police in Kenosha, WI after Shooting


Dozens of Armed Anarchists Descend on Denver Police HQ


President Trump to Speak at RNC Every Night This Week


Top US Universities Take Millions from China Front Group




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