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News Archive for Week of August 3, 2020

Sullivan: Lockdowns Never Again - Sweden Was Right


Peek: The Other Reason Dems Want Biden to Shun Debates


Christians Devise Clever Way to Sidestep COVID Restrictions

Joe Said What? Biden Implies Nearly All Blacks Think Alike


TV Ratings for Woke NBA, MLB Take Massive Hit


NASA to Remove "Offensive" Names from Heavenly Bodies


Gov. Cuomo: NY Schools Can Open, with Strict Guidelines


Stocking: Sturgis - Suddenly Media Hate Large Gatherings


Widburg: De Blasio's Plan to Destroy NYC Is Working


Achorn: Who Elected Twitter & Facebook to Censor Speech?


Sources: Simon Cowell Breaks Back in Bad E-Bike Crash


Civil Rights Attorney: Biden Has Plantation-Owner Mindset


Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jorgensen Bitten by Bat


"Peaceful" Portland Rioters Set Fire to Police Union - Again


Biden Tries to Walk Back Cringeworthy "Diversity" Remarks


Fake Drivers Licenses Flood into US from China, Elsewhere


COVID-19 Threatens to Take Toll on Halloween Businesses


US Adds 1.8 Million Jobs, Unemployment Drops to 10.2%


Conrad Black: Biden's Pretend Campaign


Dow on 6-Day Winning Streak, Closes at 27,433.48


Portland Mayor Unleashes Police on Violent Demonstrations


Young Black Americans Not Sold on Biden, Dems, or Voting


Biden Silently Refuses to Condemn Anti-Catholic Attacks


AP: Gov. Whitmer Meets with Biden as He Nears VP Decision


"Screw COVID": 250,000 Bikers Head to Sturgis, SD for Rally


Trump to Suspend Payroll Tax Until End of 2020


Feds Discover Most Sophisticated Border Tunnel Ever


Trump Says He Will Provide COVID Relief If Congress Doesn't


Brent Scowcroft, Former Nat'l Security Advisor (1925-2020)


Showalter: Bad Medicine - Fauci's HCQ Waterloo


National Review: New York's Lawless NRA Lawsuit


Goodwin: Joe Biden's Basement Strategy Will Backfire


NRA Files Its Own Lawsuit Against NY Attorney General


Study: Most of Europe Bans Mail-In Ballots Due to Fraud Risk


30-Year Mortgage Rates Plunge to Record Low of 2.88%

Will George Floyd Body Camera Videos Lead to Acquittals?

Gallup: 81% of Blacks Want to Maintain or Increase Police


NYC Sets Up Quarantine Checkpoints for People Entering


Horowitz: The Perils of Pretending a War Is Something Else


Widburg: Has the Pushback Against Dem Overreach Begun?


It Begins: Facebook, Twitter Censor Trump for the First Time


WH, Dems, Still Very Far Apart on Coronavirus Aid Deal


Teens Arrested at Mar-a-Lago After Trespassing with AK-47


Ratings for NBA, MLB Crash After Protest-Filled Debuts


LA to Cut Power and Water from Homes that Host Parties


Zogby: Trump "Winning Big" with Swing Voters


Biden Lashes Out at Black Reporter: "Are You a Junkie?"


Biden Will Skip Dem Convention and Stay in His Basement


Biden Raises $140M in July - Trump Reportedly Raises $165M


Michelle Obama Reveals "Depression", Blames Trump


Trump Campaign's Advantage Over Biden - Ground Game


Primaries Show Dems Losing Control to the Radical Left


Gallup: 84% Blame Media for Political Division in America


Armed Robberies on NYC's Wealthy Upper East Side Up 286%


Michelle Malkin: Antifa/BLM Mob Is Coming for the Suburbs


Woke ESPN's Subscriber Losses Accelerate


Reni Santoni, "Dirty Harry", "Seinfeld" Actor (1938-2020)


MI Gov's Directive Declares Racism a "Public Health Crisis"


Minneapolis Police Dept. Tells Residents: Submit to Criminals


McCaughey: Beware These 3 Widespread Lies About COVID


Dems Refuse to Condemn Antifa Rioters at Senate Hearing


Beirut Emerges from Ashes After Deadly Explosion


Fall from Grace: "Ellen" Ratings Plummet to All-Time Low


Bongino Sources: Biden Is Mentally Near Point of No Return


NYC Teachers Protest COVID Danger - In Packed March


RFK Jr.: Fauci Will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine


Biden's Delays Intensify Jockeying Among Possible VP Picks


Nike Plans 500 HQ Layoffs After Dismal 2Q Revenues


July Breaks Gun Sales Record


Isaias Wreaks Destruction, Outages in Philadelphia Area


Jashinsky: Why  Libs Pretend Decent Americans Are Racist


Rush: COVID Cases/Fatality Chart Justifies Trump Optimism

Catron: Why Voting by Mail Imperils Biden More than Trump


What TikTok Hides Beneath Its Cute Videos Should Scare You


Thomas: Big Tech and Capitalism


Bodycam Footage of George Floyd Encounter Is Leaked


Gray: Have We Passed Peak Biden?


Pressu​re Mounts on Biden to Skip Presidential Debates


Mahlon Reyes, "Deadliest Catch" Deckhand (1981-2020)


Leftist Media Ignore Allegatons About Clinton, Epstein Island


Critically Ill COVID Patients Recover Quickly RLF-100


New COVID-19 Cases Hit 4-Week Low for 2nd Straight Day


Dow +236.10 to Start August, Nasdaq Closes at Record High


Rush: The Democrat Party Train Wreck


Hurricane Isaias Barrels Up the US East Coast


Rasmussen: Trump Approval at 51%, Highest Since February


Moore: Paying People Not to Work Is Not Economic Stimulus

Will Audubon Society Cancel Its Slave-Owning Namesake?


Mill: Gun Control Is Dead


NYC: Already More Shootings in 2020 than in All of 2019


Peek: Why Biden Is Dithering on Choosing His Running Mate


COVID Concerns as Annual Sturgis Rally Expecting 250,000


SpaceX Capsule Splashes Down after Historic 2-Month Trip


Portland PD Finally Cracking Down on Antifa/BLM Rioters


New COVID Cases Declining in Hardest-Hit States


Lord & Taylor Files for Bankruptcy




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