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News Archive for Week of August 17, 2020

How Joe and Jill Biden Met - She Cheated on Her Husband

Cochrane: The Cold, Hard Truth About the Post Office


Biden Has Yet to Be Tested for Coronavirus


Chicago Communities Urge IL Governor to Send Nat'l Guard


Did Biden Plagiarize Canadian Politician in His DNC Speech?


Mansour: 45 Questions Media Should Ask Biden and Harris


Showalter: 5 Ways DNC Backfired on Biden, Benefitting Trump


Diamond: No, NYC Is Not "Dead Forever" - Here's Why


College Students Say Free Speech Is "Unacceptable"


Young: Biden's Double Trouble - Hiding Won't Help Him Now


Like Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx Says In-Person Voting Will Be Safe


Hunter: Democrats and Their Dystopian Convention


Feldman: The DNC Tsunami of Schmaltz and Mendacity


"Footloose" Comes to Life in NY: Gov. Cuomo Bans Dancing


14,000 Firefighters Battle Raging California Wildfires


Massive Trump Boat Parade in Rhode Island - 1,000+ Boats


Looters Arrested for Targeting CA Wildfire Evacuees' Homes


Trump to Announce Major COVID Treatment Breakthrough


Biden Says He Would Shut US Down Again to Stop COVID-19


Even with a Strong Crop This Year, US Farmers Are Suffering


Diamond & Silk: Blacks Have Never Had a Place in Dem Party


Maine Orders Restaurant Servers to Wear Dog Cones

NYC Has No Plan to Return to Indoor Restaurant Dining


21% Fewer Saw Biden's DNC Speech than Clinton's in 2016


Catron: Kamala Harris Won't Motivate Minority Voters


TV Ratings Continue to Crater for Protest-Filled NBA


Continetti on DNC: The Sleight of Hand Convention


Remdesivir Medication Disappoints in COVID-19 Study


A Recap of the DNC's Most Insane Moments


Biden Accuser Tara Reade to Speak at GOP Convention


Goodwin: Biden Clears Low Bar, Must Now Leave Basement


Widburg: Biden's Speech Was Vapid and Disgraceful


RNC Trounces Democrat Fundraising - Again


PARODY: Analysis - Joe Biden Still Alive, Can Read


Kentucky Derby Will Proceed without Fans


NRA PAC Funding Falls 42 Percent in July


Kudlow: US Economy Will Grow 20-30% in 2nd Half of 2020


Spencer: Reclaiming Our Culture from the Left


What Exactly Are Kolfage and Bannon Accused of Doing?


Rasmussen: Trump Approval 51%


Reports: More Deaths Due to Lockdowns than to COVID-19


Rush: Biden's Handlers Know He Can't Do the Debates


Wayne Allyn Root: Signs of the Coming Trump Victory


Vespa: Another Graph Shreds COVID Lockdown Hysteria


O'Neil: Why Did "Party of Diversity" Exclude Tulsi Gabbard?


CNN: Hits and Misses from Final Night of the Convention


Biden Flubs Climax to His DNC Acceptance Speech


Even NYT is Put Off by Louis-Dreyfus' Lame Jokes at DNC


Davis: I Am Sick to Death of COVID Supremacists


Kelly: The Democratic Party Is Unwell


Presser: Trump, Pence Must Move Beyond Divisive Politics


Goodyear "Clarifies" Policy: Now OK to Wear Pro-Police Gear


Putin Foe in Hospital After Being Poisoned


Showalter: Joe Biden's Con Job


Will Trump Declare Israeli Sovereignty over West Bank?


Austin: 5 Left-Wing Lies Twitter Refuses to Fact-Check


Multimillionaire Obamas Haven't Donated to Biden Campaign


Schlichter: Post Office Conspiracy Is First Class Stupidity


Poll: Nearly 50% Say WH Reporters Focus on Self-Promotion


President Trump Reimposes Sanctions Against Iran


Facebook Removes Antifa Group that Incited Riots Across US


Hunter: Democrats Sure Hate America


Senate GOP Preparing Scaled-Back Stimulus Bill


Hunter Biden Vouches for His Father's Honesty During DNC


Fact Check: Biden Repeats "Very Fine People" Hoax at DNC


Barr: 200+ Charged in Federal Violent Crimes, 1,000 Arrested


Portland Rioters Burn County Building Filled with COVID PPE


Donna Hylton, Convicted Murderer/Rapist, Speaks at DNC


"Hope and Change" Obama Turns Dark and Divisive at DNC


Hillary Still Claims She Won, Pushes Conspiracy Theories


Kamala Harris: I Know a Predator When I See One


5 Things to Know About Night 3 of the DNC


DNC: Democrats Stay Silent on Violence in Their Cities


After 2 Nights, DNC Viewership Is Down 48% from 2016


Will the Spygate Dam Break after Clinesmith's Guilty Plea?


Ben Cross, "Chariots of Fire" Star (1947-2020)


Johnson: Dems March Toward National Jonestown Massacre


Ratings Woes Continue for Woke NBA, MLB


Rush: The Economy Roars Back


New Photos: Bill Clinton Gets Massage from Epstein Accuser


Rush: Klacik Trounces Michelle Obama in Digital Metrics


Obama's White House Doctor: Biden "Is Just Lost"


Parker: The Left-Wing War on America's Suburbs


UK Rates of Depression Double Among Adults in Lockdown


DNC: Creepy Clinton Condemns Trump's Use of Oval Office


14,000 Mailboxes Were Removed... Under Obama


The DNC's TV Ratings Enter Dumpster Fire Territory


AOC Nominates Sanders, Snubs Biden in 60-Second Address


Kengor: Why Not Cancel Karl Marx, a Racist and Anti-Semite?


McGhee: Second Night of DNC Worse than the First


Cinesmith Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Carter Page Documents


Podhoretz: Highs and Lows of Day 2 at the DNC


Right Wing Social Media Star Laura Loomer Wins FL Primary


Night 1 of DNC Completely Bombs in Network TV Ratings


Pandemic Bear Market Is Over as Stocks Hit Record Highs


At Border, Trump Says 300 Miles of Wall Nearly Complete


Gingrich: 3 Reasons Why Biden-Harris Ticket Will Collapse


Hounsell: The Democrats' True USPS Endgame


5 Things to Know About Night 2 of the DNC


Pelosi Falsely Claims USPS Handles Social Security Checks


Dale Hawerchuk, Hockey Hall of Famer (1963-2020)


Rush: Slaveowner Descendant Harris Alienates Black Voters


Poll: Trump Backers More Likely to Vote in Person


Conrad Black: The Biden-Harris Levitation


Altucher: NYC Is Dead Forever - Here's Why


Housing Starts Surge by 22.6%, Most Since 2016


Trump Pardons Susan B. Anthony on 19th Amdt. Centennial


CNN Poll: Trump, Biden Tied in 15 Battleground States


Callahan: DNC Kickoff Was as Exciting as a Zoom Conference


Schoen: DNC First Night - What Worked and What Didn't


MSM Members Liken Virtual DNC to a Long Infomercial


Fischer: DNC Pros and Cons - PR Pros Trying to Con America


Conte: A Director's Note on COVID and the Theatre


S&P Rises to New High, Passing Pre-Pandemic Top


Study: ABC/CBS/NBC 150 Times More Negative on Trump


Hurt: Harris Has Right Skin Color for Biden - And Nothing Else


Morse: Kamala Harris Is Making the Same Mistake Hillary Did


Trump: America's Choice - Radical Left Mob or Freedom


Lifson: How Trump Campaign Will Shift the Narrative and Win


"Antifa" Mob Trashes Chain Stores in Brooklyn over Weekend


Buchanan: The Progressive Racism of the Ivy League


Trump Approves Disaster Relief for IA after Derecho Damage


Barke: Growing Concerns About COVID Test Accuracy


VDH: Trumpism - A Look Backward and Forward to November


Widburg: Media Are Dangerously Misleading the Electorate


Schlichter: Feeling the Exciting Excitement of Kamalamania


Hoft: Jail Fauci - HCQ Could Have Saved 10,000s of US Lives


Morefield: Viruses Gonna Virus


Report: Pepperoni Shortage Strikes Pizzerias Nationwide


CNN Poll: 21% of Non-Whites Leave Biden after Kamala Pick


Pelosi Calling Back House to Vote on USPS Legislation


Downtown Milwaukee Remains "Quiet" Ahead of DNC


New US COVID-19 Cases Hit Lowest Level in Nearly 2 Months


Kotkin: Can We Stop the Twilight of Great American Cities?


130 Degrees in Death Valley - Hottest on Earth Since 1913


NYC: 49 Shot in 72 Hours as Gun Violence Wave Continues


What to Watch on First Night of the Democratic Convention


Trump Warns de Blasio Feds May Act on NYC Violence


GOP Chair: DNC Set to Showcase Dems' Radical Policies

Baumann: Dems - What Happened to USPS Under Obama?




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