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News Archive for Week of April 27, 2020

US Seasonal Flu Deaths: 116,000 (1957), 100,000 (1968)


NY Times Op-Ed: Dump Biden Over Tara Reade Allegations


FL Boaters Show Support for Trump with Giant Boat Parade


Your Guide to Obama Administration's Hit on Michael Flynn


2 CDC Websites, 2 Vastly Different CV Death Toll Numbers


Twitter Bans Candace Owens for Protesting MI Governor


Denmark: CV Has Not Accelerated after Reopening Economy


Ford: We Wrecked Our Economy for Nothing


U. Delaware Won't Release Biden's Senate Records Collection


FDA Authorizes Remdesivir for Emergency Use in CV Cases


Biden Wrongly Claims CV Death Toll is 600,000 (not 60,000)


Planned Parenthood: Biden Must Address Reade Allegations


Gallup Poll: Trump Approval Surges to Highest Level Ever


COVID-19 Turning Out to Be a Huge Media Hoax


Funeral Directors Reveal Inflated CV Fatality Numbers


Nolte: Lockdowns Are No Longer About Flattening the Curve


Kristian: The Smoke-Filled Room that Could Oust Joe Biden


NY Times Calls for Probe of Biden Sex Allegations


Macy's to Reopen 68 Stores Monday, All Stores by Mid-June


Brits Report Neighbors' Lockdown Violations 200K+ Times


Armed Activists Swarm MI Capitol to Protest CV Restrictions


Conrad Black: Joe Biden Is Cooked


Schlichter: Questions Media Would Ask if They Didn't Suck


Kazianis: Dear Politicians, Life Must Go On


Rishi Kapoor, Bollywood Heartthrob (1952-2020)


Biden's Interview with Mika Was a Train Wreck


Meet the Other 7 Women Accusing Biden of Bad Behavior


Sam Lloyd, Lawyer Ted Buckland on "Scrubs" (1963-2020)


Rasmussen Poll: More Believe Tara Reade than Joe Biden


Orange County Sheriff Won't Enforce Order Closing Beaches


Poll: Nearly 25% of Bernie Supporters Refuse to Back Biden


US Mortgage Rates Tumble to All-Time Low


Nursing Homes Account for a Major Share of CV Deaths


NASCAR to Resume May 17, Minus Fans - 7 Races in 10 Days


Kirk: America - Land of the Docile Sheeple


Apfel: Beware of Tyranny More than COVID-19


Gilbert: Democrats Are Happy Because...


Nets Finally End Blackout on Sex Accusations Against Biden


Remember the Hong Kong Flu?


The Worst Case of Gov't, Medical, and Media Malpractice Ever


Robert Mueller's Case Against Gen. Flynn Is About to Implode


Poll: Trump Crushes Biden in Voter Enthusiasm


Orange County, CA to Reopen after Flattening the Curve


Dr. Fauci Praises Gilead's Remdesivir Test Results So Far

Study: Not a Single Italian on HCQ for Lupus has Died of CV


Trump Order Will Keep Meat Plants Open, Protect Workers


National Review: De Blasio the Denier


After Bungled Virus Response, NY Mayor Now Blaming Jews


Amid Pandemic, NYC's Filthy Subway Trains Continue to Run


US Stocks Close in on Best Month Since 1974


Hume: Case for National Lockdown Gets Weaker and Weaker


YouTube Censors ER Doctors Who Urge End to Lockdown


If the CV Threat Is So Great, Why Are Total US Deaths Down?


House Dems Cancel Plans to Return to Work Next Week


Biden Appears to Fall Asleep During Hillary Endorsement


S&P 500 Rises as Gilead Reports Progress in CV Drug Trial


11 States Have Now Begun Lifting Coronavirus Restrictions


Blackout: Liberal TV Networks Bury Biden Sex Scandal


Microbiologists: Testing Shows Lockdowns Actually Harmful


5 Now Corroborate Details of Alleged Biden Sex Assault


Hillary on CV: "This Would Be a Terrible Crisis to Waste"


De Blasio Threatens to Round Up Jews for Violating CV Order


Low CV Rate Among Smokers - Is Nicotine the Reason?


Trump Briefings Give Fox News Best Primetime Ratings Ever


Irrfan Khan of "Slumdog Millionaire", "Life of Pi" (1967-2020)


TX Movie Theaters, Restaurants, Malls to Reopen with Limits


Tyson Foods Warns: Meat Supply Chain Is Breaking


Sister Toldjah: MSM Attacks Birx - The Reason Why Is Clear


Two Come Forward to Support Biden Accuser's Claims


CBO: Coronavirus Debt to Exceed World War II Record


NY Cancels Democratic Primary, Sanders Campaign Objects


US Passes "Gold Standard" South Korea in Virus Testing


American Businesses Are Rebelling Against CV Closures


Hospitals Paid More for Listing Patients as Having COVID-19


Public Health Establishment Desperate to Maintain Hysteria


Schumer Pushing to Block Trump's Name from Relief Checks


Sources: Gen. Flynn to Be Completely Exonerated This Week


New US COVID-19 Cases Hit Lowest Level Since March


Dems Imagine Trump Schemes that Never Actually Happen


Biden's 18 Biggest Presidential Campaign Gaffes (So Far)


Study: Historic Drop in US Test Scores Under Common Core


YouTube Removes Video Showing UV Light Treatment for CV


Victor Davis Hanson: About Those Press Conferences


Dow Up 350+ on Hope of Economy Reopening


Not Dead Yet? Seoul Says Kim Jong-Un "Alive and Well"


US Daily COVID-19 Deaths Hit Lowest Level Since March


Washington Examiner: CV Debt Is a Looming Disaster


Trump to Shift Focus on Economy, Forward-Looking Message

Saudi Arabia Abolishes Flogging as Punishment


Thousands Show for Surprise Parade Honoring Fallen Marine





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