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News Archive for Week of April 20, 2020

Rush: Trump Didn't Tell People to Drink Drano or Inject Lysol


Potential CV Treatment Uses UV Light to Disinfect Lungs


Dr. Birx: CV Toll Likely to Plunge Dramatically by End of May


George Gilder: Stop the Economic Suicide, Get Back to Work


Root: Enjoying Your First Test Drive of Socialist America?


Multiple Sources: North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Has Died


Harold Reid, Statler Brothers Singer (1939-2020)


Poison Centers: No Spike in Calls Due to Trump Comments


Here's the Context to "UV Light / Disinfectant" Comments


MSM Finally Begin to Cover Biden Sexual Assault Allegations


Dem Senators Refuse to Acknowledge Biden Accusations


Trump Asks Whether Daily CV Briefings Are Worth the Effort


Americans Defy Stay-at-Home Orders and Head to Beaches


Wisconsin Hospitals: 361 COVID-19 Cases, 4,272 Empty Beds


New Evidence Corroborates Biden Accuser's Claims


Rogan: Why Kim Jong-Un Rumors Deserve Skepticism


USA CV Mortality Rate Low Among Most-Infected Countries


Japanese Media Report: Kim Jong-Un in "Vegetative" State


Looks Like Trump Was Right About the CV Fatality Rate


Peyser: Left's Scorn Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns Helps Trump


Kaster: "Pretense of Knowledge" Has Cost America Dearly


Dr. Joondeph: Hydroxychloroquine Derangement Syndrome


Preston: How About Some Compassion for the Closed?


Coronavirus Lockdowns Are Killing Thousands of Americans


PA Caught Adding Up to 269 Fake CV Deaths to Daily Totals

Biden Stokes False Scare About Trump Postponing Elections


Despite Coronavirus Lockdown, Murders Surge in NYC


94% of 5,700 CV Patients in NY Had Underlying Health Issues


Thousands in CA Hit Beaches, Defy Stay-at-Home Order


Nebraska: Restaurants, Other Businesses Can Open May 4

Trump Signs $484 CV Small Business Relief Bill into Law


NFL Draft: News, Rankings, Predictions


Flynn: Stupidity Kills - This Is Not the Black Plague


Why Do We Ignore Taiwan's Amazing Success Battling CV?


McCullough: Antibody Testing Proves We've Been Had


Antibody Study: Nearly 3 Million New Yorkers Have Had CV


Report: US Restaurants Face $80B Revenue Loss by April 30


Oklahoma, Georgia Restart Economies Today


AOC Is Only House Dem to Oppose Small Business Relief


House Finally Approves Aid to Small Businesses, Hospitals


FDA Approves First US Clinical Trial of Hydroxychloroquine


Atlas: The Data Are In - Stop the Panic and End the Isolation


Earth Day Is Irrelevant on Its 50th Anniversary


Kurt Schlichter: Democrats Totally Want a Depression


Rabbi Spero: Cuomo, de Blasio, NYC Owe Trump an Apology


Stigall: I Might Lose My Job - Do You Care?


All 50 States Are Now at or Beyond Peaks on COVID-19 Curve


What a Prolonged Shutdown Will Cost in Human Lives


GOP Destroys Pelosi with Brutal "Nancy Antoinette" Ad


IMHE Changes Its COVID-19 Death Projections Yet Again


Oil Prices Rebound from 21-year Low, Gasoline Futures Rally


PA Governor Lays Out Phased Coronavirus Reopen Plan


Trump Plans to Reopen National Parks


Biden Changes His Mind, Won't Push Ban on Fracking


Oklahoma Becomes the 6th US State Planning to Reopen


Senate GOP Approves $484B for Hospitals, Small Businesses


House Dems Block Discussion of Small Business Relief


Marcus: We Must Reject a Dehumanizing "New Normal"


Barr Warns Legal Action on Govs over Excessive Lockdowns


Joe Biden Says He Will Name His VP Running Mate by May 1


Sweden's No-Lockdown Approach Appears to Be Paying Off


AOC Celebrates Oil Workers' Losing Their Livelihoods


O'Connor: Apparently Resistance Isn't Cool Anymore


Poll: White Liberals Most Bothered by Joe Biden's Whiteness


Kurt Schlichter: They Can't Stop Us from Reopening America


Why US Oil Prices Fell Below Zero - And What it Means


Tapson: If You Protest Against Leftist Tyranny, You're Racist


NY: Governor Cuomo Plans Region-by-Region Reopening


GA, TN Plan to Lift Economic Lockdown Orders This Week


Ian Whitcomb, "You Turn Me On" Singer (1941-2020)


CDC Chief: 20 States May Be Able to Reopen Within 14 Days


Trump Announces He'll Suspend Immigration into the US


Dem Debate Candidates Basically Ignored CV Until Mid-March


Massachusetts Is US' New CV Hotspot as Cases Surge


NYC's CV Outbreak: Ex-NYPD Sergeants Blame De Blasio


Peter Beard, Famed Wildlife Photographer (1938-2020)


Gas Prices Fall to More than 10-Year Lows in Some States


Sweden's Economy Remains Open as CV Numbers Stabilize


Israel: Netanyahu, Gantz Strike Unity Deal


Is North Korea's Kim Jong Un "Gravely Ill"... or Not?


Possible Tuesday Vote on Small Business Aid Package


Severe Storms, Tornadoes Hit Deep South


COVID-19 Slams Comic Book Industry


Report: SC to Reopen Beaches, Stores on Tuesday


NBC's Chuck Todd Laments Trump's Steady Approval Rating


David Horowitz: The Left's Strategy - The Worse, the Better


Stocking: The Bill of Rights Matters, Even in a Pandemic


"Let Us Work" Protests Spread All Across the US


Finally: Dems, WH Near Deal to Aid Small Businesses


Turkey Passes Iran as Middle East's New COVID-19 Hotspot


At Least 16 Dead in Canada's Worst-Ever Shooting Rampage


Where in the World Is North Korea's Kim Jong Un?


4 Things to Know About Lockdown-Free Sweden


Veklerov: Propaganda Masquerading as Fact-Checking






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