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News Archive for Week of April 13, 2020

Leading COVID-19 Model Lowers Death Estimate - Again


Report: Neiman Marcus to File for Bankruptcy


Testing Reveals CV Far More Widespread, Far Less Lethal


NJ Police Use Chinese Drones to Enforce Social Distancing


The Ventilator Shortage That Wasn't


New CV Drug Remdesivir Shows Promise in Chicago Trial


Trump: OH, ND, ID to Begin Reopening May 1


Jacksonville, FL Reopens Beaches


Pelosi Flaunts $25K Refrigerators, Gourmet Ice Cream Tubs


House Dems Silent as Pelosi Refuses to Aid Small Business


Dem House Majority Leader: We're on Vacation Until May 4


Starnes: Dems Close States to Tank Economy, Harm Trump


China's Economy Is on Life Support - Turn Off the Ventilator


Strassel: Why Dems Keep Moving the Shutdown Goal Posts


US Beef Processors Close Plants, Shortage Looms


Paul O'Neill, Former US Treasury Secretary (1935-2020)


Ranjit Chowdhry, Vikram on "The Office" (1955-2020)


RNC: Small Donors Keep Giving Despite US Economic Slump


Dem Obstruction Causes Untold Harm to Small Businesses


Trump Lays Out Three-Phase Plan to Reopen Economy


Pence: We Have Enough COVID-19 Tests to Start Phase 1


Why Did US National Institute of Health Fund Wuhan Labs?


Are We Witnessing a Targeted Hit Against Trump Voters?


Trump Backs Protests Against State Stay-at-Home Orders


Conrad Black: Political Elite Plays Its Last Card


Rubio Offers Pelosi Ice Cream If She'll Fund Small Business


Texas Opts for Liberty, Washington State Makes It Illegal


Michigan Gov Whitmer - Poster Child for Abuse of Power


Hinderaker: We Are Needlessly Devastating Our Country


Jenni White: This Isn't the Pandemic You're Looking For


Michigan Residents Take to the Streets for a Massive Protest


Bad Timing: Today Is International Bat Appreciation Day


Dow Jumps 700+ Points on Remdesivir Optimism


Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce MI Governor's Executive Orders


Small Business Emergency Loan Program Is Out of Money


NJ Gov: I Ignored US Bill of Rights in My Executive Orders


Michael Cohen to Be Relased from Prison over Virus Fears


Fox News: Multiple Sources Say CV Started in Wuhan Lab


Pompeo: US Doing "Full Investigation" on COVID-19 Origins


CA Gov Creates Taxpayer-Funded CV Cash Fund for Illegals


Women's Groups Silent on Allegations against Biden


PJ Media: NYT Allowed Biden Team to Edit Sex Assault Story


Brian Dennehy, Award-Winning Action Film Actor (1938-2020)


Germany Reopen Begins May 3: Schools, Shops, More


Trump: CV Antibody Tests for 20 Million Americans in Weeks


Joe Biden Has a Big Problem with the Youth Vote


Willie Davis, Green Bay Packers Legend (1934-2020)


Trump Claims NYC Is Inflating Its Coronavirus Death Toll


Grocery Retailers See Record Sales


The Top 10 Lies About President Trump's COVID-19 Response


Can We Talk About the US Media's Ties to Chinese Interests?


$349B Small Business Loan Program Running out of Cash


Report: Obama Repeatedly Pressured Sanders to Exit Race


Fauci: Trump Followed Virus Mitigation Recommendations


Ben Shapiro: What Does Reopening Look Like?


NYC Adds 4,000 to CV Death Toll by Recategorizing Fatalities


Trump to Seek "Major" Delay for Census


Ocasio-Cortez Chimes in on Biden Sexual Assault Allegations


Obama Finally Endorses Biden


COVID-19 Cases Appear to Have Quietly Peaked in US


CA, OR, WA Governors Announce Plans to Reopen Amid CV


NY, NJ, CT Governors Plan Regional Reopening of Economies


Texas, One of US' Largest Economies, Likely to Reopen Soon


Coronavirus Authoritarianism Is Getting Out of Hand


China Reopens Wet Markets with WHO's Blessing


Overprotecting People from CV Could Make it More Lethal


Hilton: How to Reopen America Safely, But Soon


Trump Campaign - $212 Million in 1st Quarter Fundraising


Tension Between Trump and Fauci Looks Like Fake News


Dennis Prager: Has the Lockdown Worked?


Conrad Black: President Must Address Economic Relaunch


Dems Must Stick with Biden Because They're Stuck with Him


Hank Steinbrenner, NY Yankees Co-Owner (1957-2020)


Democratic Socialists of America Won't Endorse Biden


Sanders Endorses Biden, Enraging Many Former Supporters


WI Dem Primary Results Are Finally In - Biden Wins Big


VA Democrat Governor Signs Legislation Repealing Voter ID


Trump Under Pressure to Ease Pandemic Restrictions


Coronavirus-Related Plant Closures Threaten US Meat Supply


Trump: Why Hasn't Obama Endorsed Biden Yet?


Do Anti-Chloroquine Media Recall the AIDS Medication Wars?


Coronavirus Is Exposing Little Tyrants All Over the Country


Dem Insiders: Klobuchar Current Favorite for Biden VP Pick


Rush: How Does Dr. Fauci Get Away with It?


Is President Trump Finally Getting Ready to Fire Dr. Fauci?


Boris Johnson Discharged from Hospital after Bout with CV


Trump: OPEC Deal Will Save 100,000s of US Energy Jobs


Stirling Moss, Motor Racing Great (1929-2020)





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