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Goodbye for Now

Dear Friends and Readers,


After 17 exciting months, I plan to shut down BEIGE PAGE within the next few days.


No, BEIGE PAGE is not being de-platformed, censored, or threatened.  But I already have a full-time career in addition to this website and simply do not have the bandwidth to give BEIGE PAGE what it needs for continued success.  I plan instead to volunteer for causes that will make more of a difference in advancing freedom, like getting states to pass laws ensuring free and fair elections.


BEIGE PAGE is a news consolidation website.  The articles you read are drawn from the websites listed in our “Media Outlets” and “Commentators” sections.  Please continue to obtain news and opinions from these fine sources.


But please also consider that we all must do more than just read in order to bring about the change we want to see in America and in the world.  Even if you are not up to be an active volunteer, you can still make a difference in the choices you make each day.  Get off Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, and start using alternative websites for news, social media, and online commerce.  Why lend your support to the Big Tech oligarchs who want to cancel conservatism and dissent?


Thank you all for your daily support and enthusiasm.  I will be holding onto website name and address, and who knows?  Perhaps we’ll meet again some sunny day.

All the best,

Andrew Gilbertson

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