Fake Trump Scandal BINGO


As Election Day 2020 draws near, only one thing is certain - the fake news media will be unveiling fake Trump scandals on a near-daily basis. Don't get mad - have fun playing FAKE TRUMP SCANDAL BINGO!

Below are two dozen completely fake scandal headlines we might see soon. Whenever the media unveil one of these fake scandals, mark the headline's number on your card.  If you get 5 in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you win!


Sample cards appear below, or you may create your own.  Let the games begin!


TRUMP COLLUDED WITH NORWAY. Trump’s 2018 comments praising immigrants from Norway may be evidence of collusion with the Norwegian official who nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize.



TRUMP CONCEALED COVID THREAT. Trump concealed the COVID-19 threat from Nancy Pelosi by clearly mentioning it in his State of the Union speech when she was busy making faces and not paying attention.



TRUMP USED GOVERNMENT TO BENEFIT HIS OWN BUSINESSES. Trump’s economic policies created a booming economy that benefited most US businesses, including some owned by Trump.



TRUMP VIOLATED BASKIN-ROBBINS ACT. Eyewitnesses say Trump got two scoops of ice cream while others got only one.



TRUMP CAUGHT IN ELECTION TAMPERING. Trump deported over 800,000 illegals who would otherwise have voted Democrat.



TRUMP ORDERED MASS GENOCIDE. Trump backed the United States military’s systematic extermination of ISIS.



TRUMP INVADED PEOPLE'S PRIVACY. Trump arrested more than a thousand sex traffickers, causing disruption in their clients’ private sex lives.



TRUMP BRIBED BLACK VOTERS. Trump advanced policies that brought African-American unemployment to an all-time low, in order to get blacks to vote for him.



TRUMP RIGGED FEDERAL COURTS. Trump rigged the Federal court system by nominating judges whose past decisions were blatantly influenced by the US Constitution.



TRUMP SABOTAGES AMERICAN ALLY. By making America energy-independent, Trump negatively impacted demand for Saudi oil.



TRUMP COMMITTED PLAGIARISM. Improved spelling in tweets indicates Trump may have plagiarized words from Webster’s Dictionary.



TRUMP INVOLVED IN QUID PRO QUO SCHEME. Trump allowed US farmers to ship surplus food to foreign countries in exchange for money.



TRUMP OPENLY INTERFERED IN FOREIGN COUNTRY. Trump declared Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital.



TRUMP RETURNS AMERICA TO THE DAYS BEFORE THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT. Trump applauded Melania’s restoring the White House Rose Garden to how it looked when JFK was President.



TRUMP ATTACKS DISABLED ELDERLY MAN SUFFERING FROM ADVANCED DEMENTIA. Trump criticized Joe Biden’s policies at a rally while attendees cheered.



TRUMP IMPROPERLY WITHHOLDS TAX RETURNS. Trump hides behind “protection under the law” excuse in denying his Democrat and media enemies rightful access to his private tax returns.



TRUMP REPEATS “VIOLENT PROTESTERS” LIE. Trump ignores the fact that only 15% of protesters burn cities to the ground, while failing to credit the remaining 85% who stand by peacefully and cheer.



TRUMP FALSIFIED GOLFING SCORECARD. Trump improperly omitted one stroke for a poorly hit drive on the 11th hole at Trump National and then insulted Irish-Americans by invoking the racist “Mulligan” rule.



TRUMP LETS SUPPORTERS DESTROY THE PLANET. Trump condones pro-Trump boat parades on US waterways that threaten marine life, and pro-Trump vehicle caravans that harm air quality in US cities.



TRUMP’S LONG-TIME TIES TO JEFFREY EPSTEIN EXPOSED. Photo reveals Trump and Epstein once attended the same party 28 years ago in 1992.



TRUMP BELONGS TO HATE GROUP. Trump refuses to disavow his connection with New York Yankees fans, despite that group’s openly declared hatred of the Boston Red Sox and their fans.



TRUMP PLACES A PHONE CALL TO FOREIGN LEADER. White House phone logs show President’s troubling pattern of speaking with foreign leaders over the telephone.



TRUMP COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA – MORE EVIDENCE SURFACES. Trump ordered a salad with Russian dressing when the national dressings of French and Italian allies were also available.



TRUMP PARDONS MAY HAVE VIOLATED US CONSTITUTION. Legal experts say crimes committed by turkeys fall under state law, not Federal law, and that Trump’s past Thanksgiving turkey pardons violated the 10th Amendment and constitute an abuse of Federal executive power.



TRUMP IS A CORRUPT, RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, XENOPHOBIC FASCIST.  92% of Democrats polled agree that this is so.


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